This website is owned and operated by Hope City Church in Edmonton, AB. In 2018, the leadership team at Hope City heard a podcast featuring a pastor from the states named Jeff Henderson. He said something that struck a chord and birthed #ForEdmonton. He said “too long the church has been known what we are against instead of what we are for”.  We want to be known that we for people. And we are for people because God is for people.

Since hearing that podcast, we’ve been trying hard at engaging not just the people who attend Hope City Church, but people from all over Edmonton in serving one another to make our city better.

You don’t have to attend Hope City Church, in fact, you don’t even have to like church at all to get involved! If there is an event, organization, or cause that you see on this site that you’d like to engage with, let us know.

And even if you never send us an email or attend an event, we encourage you to start practically serving people wherever you are at!