ideas for summer

A great city starts with being a great neighbour.

Here are a collection of ideas on how you can be #ForEdmonton this summer.

We’ve divided the ideas into three categories:

  1. No Prep
  2. Some Prep
  3. Super Party Prep

Take a look through the following tabs to spark some creative, neighbourly goodness! If you have any more ideas, reach out and let us know.

No Prep
  • Introduce yourself. Do you know who your neighbours are?  Start here.
  • Pray for your neighbour. Feel free to walk around your neighbourhood and pray for the homes and families you pass by.
  • Be visible. Don’t spend your summer hiding.  Spend time outside and let your neighbours see that you exist.
  • Ask a fellow pet owner to join you as you walk your pet or invite them to meet you at your local dog park.
  • When you take your kids to the park, invite your neighbour with kids to join you. Spend the time talking with them and getting to know them. For conversation starters, see our “Small Talk Ideas” document.
Some Prep
  • When mowing your lawn, offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn as well (make sure you do a great job!).
  • Set up lawn chairs in your driveway or on the grass in your complex and ask a neighbour to join you. For a bit more flair, add a fire pit.  If you want, have some drinks and pre-packaged snacks available as well. For snack ideas, see our “Menu List”.
  • Take some pre-packaged treats to your office or workplace for those you work with.
  • Capitalize on “Dollar Drink Days” at local fast-food places, and treat your co-workers or neighbours to a beverage.
  • On those rare but hot Edmonton days, put a cooler out on your driveway with ice and freezies for the neighbourhood kids to enjoy. If you have kids, ask them to spread the word.
  • Who doesn’t like treats delivered to your door? Make up small treat bags with some chips, chocolate, a pop (all pre-packaged) and leave them at your neighbour’s door.  This works if you live in a house, condo, or apartment.
Super Party Prep
  • Organize a neighbourhood yard sale. Give out your email or phone number and have your neighbours contact you if they want to join in. Maybe you can offer to give a portion of your sales to a local charity!
  • Place a bin at the bottom of your driveway and fill it with sidewalk chalk and/or bubbles for the neighbourhood kids to use. This would be an investment that would need to be kept up as the summer goes on.
  • Hope City Church has fire pits available to use onsite at our Mill Woods Campus. Book one here and invite your neighbour to join you.
  • Organize a “Skip The Dishes” night with your neighbours where everyone orders some take-out and eats all together in your driveway, backyard, or your complex’s outdoor common area.

Please ensure that any and all gatherings you host or organize follow proper AHS protocols.

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We’d love to see the fun you’re having with your neighbours. Share pictures (with permission of course) to social media and use the hashtag #foredmonton!